Creation Readings

My Story:

Everything began one summer when I was in college. I was struggling heavily with depression, anxiety and the aftermath of a sexual assault. I had the unique opportunity to work in San Francisco for the summer. I had never been to Northern California, but there was something inside of me that knew I was meant to be there. Before I arrived, I told myself that I wanted a change. I didn’t know what it would look like, but I knew that something in my life needed to change. As soon as I arrived, I immediately felt as if I was being healed and like I was at home, even though this was my first time there. A series of events lead me to Baker Beach with a book in my hand that I normally would have never picked up off the shelf. I just felt called to read it. I was reading the first couple sections and I just started weeping. It was a mixture of emotions from everything I had been dealing with up until this point and knowing that everything suddenly made sense. It wasn’t necessarily all kumbaya or anything right after that but that is where my path to healing started. Since then I have healed the energies surrounding my depression, anxiety and sexual assault experiences.

When I began my spiritual journey, I had no idea where to even begin or who to seek guidance from. I read several books but none of them really clicked with me the way I would have liked. I soon realized that I was just meant to carve out my own path that felt grounded and authentic to me. I was naturally curious about what it would mean for me to develop a relationship with myself and who I was underneath everything I had been taught. This natural curiosity helped me to strengthen my intuition through a variety of practices. Since my power center is my throat chakra, it was largely through journaling and meditation. This worked well for me because one of my strengths is vulnerability, especially with myself via journaling. I soon developed my own means of getting to know my authentic self. Developing that strong relationship was key for me.

It was no coincidence that the message from the book that invoked all of those emotions was information about the sacral chakra. With my sexual assault I had so much healing to do surrounding my sacral chakra. I went through an extensive and intense journey with my sacral chakra in a variety of ways. I was able to heal that sexual trauma* (I don’t use this word in the traditional sense, there is more on this on my blog) that I had been carrying for years. I also learned a lot more about my sexuality about how that tied into my creativity. I went through a whole other journey with regards to sexuality that completely transformed my world view. Sexuality, sex, masculine energy, feminine energy etc. is all creation energy. With your reproductive organs you literally bring one of the most infinitely complex creations into physical reality. It is a truly beautiful process and once I connected the dots between the ways I viewed sexuality and creativity that is when my world started coming together and everything I had ever experienced made sense.

I also had some expansive, extraordinary people in my life who shifted my world with their wisdom. One of them opened me up to the idea that we create one hundred percent of our realities. It was just one sentence but it cracked open my world, shook it up, turned it upside down, sideways etc. When that idea sunk in, I felt completely empowered but also confused. I looked everywhere for resources and none of them seemed to address the idea that we are powerful enough to create one hundred percent of our realities. There were some that provided guidance but not in the way I understood the world at the time.

From there, using this information and my healing work with my sacral chakra I completely dismantled everything I knew about my world and then put the pieces back together to create something that was simple and yet extraordinary. It surprised me that there was nothing and no one else out there who was devoting their attention to spreading this concept to the world. This was the beginning of my process. (*One of the most important things I learned was that while we seem to live in a world where it feels next to impossible to create something new, remember that whatever you are called to hasn’t been done by you before until you bring it into physical reality).

Bringing It All Together:

I also realized that I was naturally providing reality creating guidance to my friends and family but I wanted to do more. I decided to dive deeper and look at what had worked so incredibly well for me in a time where I really needed guidance. Through all the work I have done and everyone I have spoken to, I have realized that everything boils down to one simple answer. It’s just getting used to it is where I am able to provide the intuitive guidance I used when I only had my intuition to rely on.


Using my healing work with my sacral chakra and self discovery and explorations with infinite possibilities and reality creation, I developed my own process and method with how to consciously create the reality you want. I discovered that we don’t just create from the solar plexus chakra, we have the potential to create and likely are creating from all of our chakras. I went through a profound journey with my sacral chakra and discovered how to use my creative and sex energy (again, same thing in the most PG way, it is all creativity) to create, well, anything. That is just one way. If you have a power center that you prefer to work with, that’s wonderful as well! Everyone has one. You have the power to intuitively discover yours. It’s just one way to get started. I found that my creativity was directly linked with how I was creating my world. I played around with the energies and saw how I could expand my creative practice and also the ways in which I was manifesting. Once I combined this ideology with what I knew about infinite possibilities, self expression, self discovery, fluidity, vulnerability, authenticity, heart centering and consciousness nothing was out of reach. I was manifesting everything I wanted.

Creativity is a beautiful practice. It is one of the ways you can easily connect to your authentic self and inner child. It is important that we take a deep look into our own creativity because we literally create our realities. One of the questions I love to ask “How are you creative?” in your life right now. The more we are able to open up in our personal creative process, the more we can expand into the realm of infinite possibilities and see that there is no limit to what we can create. We are infinite possibilities and have all of Unmanifested to work with.

The process itself is fairly simple. It is rooted in connecting to yourself so you know what you really want at the core (this is where the shadow work* comes in, getting to know all parts of yourself, including the parts you may have rejected or not acknowledged), developing a creativity practice, expanding your worldview and putting this into practice with your creativity which then influences how you manifest/create (same thing) so you being consciously creating 100% of your reality.

* My definition of healing when it comes to shadow work is a little bit different. You embody the full spectrum of humanity (see the post “rainbow” for more). Every single one of your “shadows” is a beautiful part of you. When I say “shadows” I mean parts of you you haven’t accepted because society said they were unlovable or somewhere along the way you may have developed a belief that that part of your doesn’t deserve love. Either way, all parts of you deserve love and are inherently lovable. “Healing” in this experience with me means reclaiming all of your shadows, loving them, integrating them and recognizing that like everything else, they have a place within you. The “shadows” are just another beautiful part of you.

The Final Product:

As a reality creator guide, I can give guidance if you are lacking direction in your life, have specific questions, want to learn how to connect to your own intuition, are going through your own transformation… if you have something you really want to work on, ask! Life is so simple and full of beauty and magic. It is up to you with respect to what you want to create and how complicated you want to make your world. I want to spread this message in as many ways that I can, which is why I am providing personal healing sessions in the form of intuitive readings. It may sound out of the ordinary, but all questions can be answered through this simple method and mindset, of you are open to the information. It is all about your perception.

In these readings I will use my knowledge as a reality creator guide, information from meditation, guides, crystals, tarot, oracle cards, my soul gifts, my empathetic abilities as well as my intuition to provide you with the reading as well as possibly, affirmations, crystals to work with, recommended meditations and journal prompts. The readings are centered around shifting your reality. I like to use physical tools such as tarot cards and crystals to add a new dimension of information as to what may be helpful to you when navigating the Unmanifested (Creation itself) and the reality you are creating. Ultimately they help to rework and redefine the vibrations you are currently working with in a way that feels authentic to you and provide a new perspective on reality creation. My natural empathic gifts allow me to step into your auric field in order to get a better picture as we go through the journey together. As a guide I provide you with a neutral (read my post on “polarity, objectivity, neutrality” for more) space for healing, self expression, self discovery, connecting with yourself and your intuition, recognizing subtle frequencies as you are consciously creating the reality you want to experience, deciding what you want that to look like and bringing it into physical reality with no restrictions. I say “neutral” because one of my soul gifts is objectivity and neutrality and the ability to see situations from a neutral and non judgmental space. Part of the process involves deep shadow work to get clear on what you want and sometimes it can be hard to see what your shadows are if you have any judgements surrounding the experience.

These readings are written and follow ups can be written or via phone. When I was working with a healer, she helped me discover that my soul is primarily in the fifth energy center of Divine expression, which corresponds to the throat chakra. One of my most healing and expanding tools was journaling, which is why it is a part of my healing and creative process. This lead me on my path to heal people with my words and to teach other people how to connect to themselves through writing.

Creativity itself is fun and so is consciously co creating your reality. Getting to know and connecting to yourself on a deeper level can be heavy but is also a process of Love. It depends on your perspective. The goal of my process is to show that amidst all of the heavy shadow work there is a dimension of love and creativity that many teachers don’t shed light on. If you are curious or want to know more, feel free to send me a message. The description on this page is relatively short because it is just a simple shift in perspective and then putting it into practice.

To ask about a reading, head over to the “inquiries and love letters” page. I look forward to working with you!

Pricing: All readings start at $100. The consultation is free and if it seems like you want something more in depth, have more questions, or you want me to provide something else for you then we can go from there. If you want a basic reading then it will be the baseline price 🙂

There are so many guides and healers out there with so much to share and to know where to begin can be intimidating. With these sessions I am trying to break the old paradigm of the “teacher” and “student” and bring in this new paradigm of empowered, self sustainable beings who can be their own healers (more on this in the post “imposter syndrome”) who share their own vulnerable, authentic experiences so we can learn more about one another. You are your own powerful, self sustainable creator. My goal is to show as many people the road of self empowerment as possible so we all realize:

  1. We have all of the energy we need within ourselves to sustain ourselves.
  2. We can create whatever reality we want. We are constantly creating our realties.
  3. We are all inherently whole and simultaneously pieces of the puzzle on this physical plane. We all have Source, God, Creation, Consciousness, etc. within us and within this physical reality we are helping our souls to evolve via expressing certain traits. In other words, we all have something to share and soul gifts that are as important anyone else’s.

This is all about connection and empowerment. It is time that we all realize and put into practice that we are all powerful creators.

with unconditional love, katie