Remember the last time you felt infinite love or you were you’re happiest. When was that? What was happening? Describe the whole experience. Remember it and use that as your bar, your golden standard. You know what happiness and love feel like. You deserve to feel that all the time. How will you make thatContinue reading

Lainie* mentioned to me the other day that she began an exploration of crystals. She said that she doesn’t even know what they do, but they feel good. Sometimes it is that simple. I’m not recommending anything that is potentially harmful or addictive “just because it feels good”. I’m talking about not over complicating thingsContinue reading

Do you believe that you have spirit guides or angels guiding you through this life? If you do, I think that’s beautiful. If that sounds crazy to you, consider this: you are your own guide by interpreting and deriving meaning from the world around you. Still insane? What makes sense to you? That’s equally wonderful.Continue reading