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Life is a mess. A beautiful mess but a mess nonetheless. Something that connects us all is that we all try to make meaning of it in our own way. That way could be science, religion, conspiracy theories, pondering your life’s purpose, saying that there is no meaning whatsoever or something else entirely. We all have our own way of creating meaning amongst the madness. We are currently in a whirlwind of confusion that is so hard to make sense of. There is so much out of our control, but what we can do is pay attention to what it highlights within us in terms of how we create meaning in this world.

“spiritual myths about covid-19″

⁣I don’t subscribe to the various spiritual theories of why Covid-19 is happening. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

I DON’T think Covid-19 is the way the Earth is “taking revenge”.⁣⁣

I DON’T think the old paradigm is ending.⁣⁣

⁣I DON’T think it’s a global awakening.⁣⁣

⁣I DON’T think it’s happening FOR us.⁣⁣

⁣⁣I think we create these reasons because humans crave meaning. We crave meaning because we are spiritual creatures who need context to feel safe. But the virus exists for itself. Are we so self centered to think that everything exists for us (be it as a gift, as an act of revenge, or otherwise)?⁣⁣

⁣The virus does NOT negate our responsibility: To act ethically. To be socially conscious. To be mindful of our actions. To be global citizens by being local citizens. To consider how we live BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the pandemic. The pandemic is not an invitation to spiritually by-pass. Because to say that Covid-19 is happening for you to live, and for others to die as a reminder for you to live is spiritual bypassing. To say it’s happening because you’ve manifested some time off from work to build your side hustle is also spiritual bypassing. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Now there is a difference between claiming Covid-19 exists for us versus making the most of the opportunity it presents us. The latter is a way to surrender, to become teachable, to heal ourselves and be agents of healing towards others. The rain does not rain for me. But I can respond to the rain by collecting the rain water to reduce my water consumption, I can choose to wear gum boots, I can share my extra raincoat with a neighbour in need. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣A virus cannot be made responsible for our own actions and inactions. Coating it with spiritual gloss is delusional, hurtful, and disempowering. Let’s be reminded that peace, health, justice, and prosperity starts with us. ⁣⁣

⁣Let’s establish right relationship with the virus.⁣⁣

– Mimi Young @shopceremonie

I thought this was an interesting take on everything that is happening right now as so many people are trying to understand the mystery. I have my own thoughts on the recent events taking place, but they change all the time because everything is so confusing. There are so many voices out there contributing to the massive pool of interpretations and it is nearly impossible to escape. Between every news story, social media post, and how it is personally impacting our own lives, it is so hard to find a quiet moment. No mater who you are, we are all collectively in this time of deep unknown. No matter what you believe about what is happening right now, it is a great example of how there are so many things happening simultaneously, circuitously, and in ways that we cannot even imagine, but we still feel the impact. It is natural to want to find some sort of meaning and direction in situations that we cannot control. When I couldn’t understand anything about my life, I looked for meaning everywhere. I tried science, religion, too many forms of alternate healing and “spirituality” and none of them fit. At certain times certain understandings of the world made sense and then they weren’t for me anymore. None of them lasted because no matter what it was that I was using to connect all of the dots, I was giving my power away to something outside of me. No matter what is happening, it all needs to come from within you.

There is a lot to learn from paying attention to what makes us feel like everything makes sense. They are all clues to whatever language you need to connect deeper to yourself. There is so much going on not just in terms of the physical impact but the mental impact as well. I included the quote above not because I believe it represents my personal thoughts, but because I like how it is an invitation to spark an inner dialogue about your relationship with the outside world right now which also ignites a discussion about your inside world. If you have never had that conversation, now may be the time. Don’t think of it as a something that will add to the confusion but rather a way out. I truly don’t believe it matters how you decide to interpret all of the energy around you. We all have our own relationship with it even if we describe it as having no relationship at all. There is very little we can do about forces that are so much greater than us. No matter what you think about these recent events, you have the opportunity to do some investigation surrounding how you create and interact with the concept of meaning. I am not saying this is the time to disappear and go on some great journey. I don’t think you need to do all of that, though you can if you feel called to do so. This can be achieved by quiet observation. Your relationship with meaning can be revealed anywhere at anytime in ways that almost go unnoticed.

I believe that in moments when there are so many opinions flying left and right that you may not even know where to look, it is so important to find our own center. No matter what, don’t let anything distract you from your heart. Don’t let anything pull you away from what you know is important to you. There is nothing about this that we can control, besides doing our best to take care of ourselves and look after our loved ones. We can always be there for ourselves in whatever way feels natural to us. Everyone will have their own opinions on what needs to be done and how to fix everything that is happening. If something inspires you, feel free to invite it in. Everything else doesn’t need to be for you. Everything else that is not supporting you right now is a distraction… we definitely don’t need more of those adding to the chaos.

Allow whatever you need during this time to guide you. Whether or not you agree with anything your loved ones, news anchors, people on social media or I have to say, you know what you need. Connect to that. This is a good time to pay attention to how you can be your own guide in times of crisis. It benefits you and those around you to have this relationship with yourself. This foundation will make other situations feel infinitely easier when there isn’t so much going on in the future. Whatever meaning you create, as long as it isn’t harming anyone else, is meant for you. Don’t worry about how others feel about how you choose to guide yourself during this time. On the flip side, don’t worry about how anyone else may choose to find their own way. There is no right or wrong way, just what feels genuine to you.

Do whatever you can to help protect your loved ones and everyone else on the planet. We all need to be thinking about one another right now. Yes, we al have personal upheavals that we need to be present with. Our hearts are big enough to contain that and to provide love to one another. There hasn’t been something like this in a long time where we can directly perceive the impact we have on each other. This is also a good time to pay attention to how we interact with the outside world and how that is reflected in our day to day actions. For a moment, consider and connect the love and support you need. Provide this for yourself. Now imagine that someone else may need that too. What can you do about that?

You choose how you create meaning. You choose how you show up for yourself right now. There is a lot going on outside of us, but don’t neglect what is happening inside of you. They are intimately connected. You will know what feels right to you and what you need along the way.

Connect to your own presence, resilience, and patience. If you can, hold that space of presence, resilience and patience for someone else who may need it right now. Now it is more important than ever to be strong for ourselves and the global community.

Connect to whatever makes you feel protected. Even though we are in a time that we all feel extremely vulnerable, make space for this even when it doesn’t seem easy. There is so much power in simply being there for yourself no matter what is happening around you. It is only especially important now because we are amidst so much chaos.

Allow this to be a time where you connect to yourself in a way that you haven’t considered before. A great source of resilience and strength comes from within. It comes from tapping into ourselves, remembering who we are and what we are here to do. In moments of great doubt, connect to this. It may seem very simple, but it can be very powerful if you allow it to be. No matter how confusing and frustrating everything may be, if you need a moment of peace, connect to this. If you feel a tightness within, take some time. Every second counts. You don’t have to look far. Remember a moment when you felt completely peaceful. It is always available to you when you need it. You need to be the one to call it in.

Remember that it takes all of us to move through this great unknown. Heal any disconnection with this: remember that when you protect yourself, you are protecting others; when you love others, you are loving yourself.

with love, katie

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