come home

Lately I have felt the need to let go of what I previously defined as “myself”. To be honest, I have had this feeling for a long time and wasn’t ready to acknowledge it because I knew it would uproot my life. The only reason I couldn’t ignore it anymore when I was given the opportunity to see myself very clearly for the first time. It was an eye-opening experience and I feel very fortunate to be so moved by it. This season of my life has been very revealing to me in terms of what feels authentic to me and what I need to let fall away. This can be especially hard sometimes because I am letting go of a version of myself that I thought was so well-formed and now I am unsure of how this new one fits into my current life. The truth is that it probably doesn’t.

We all go through this depending on what cycle we are in within our own timeline. It can be especially scary when you realize that at the other side of this threshold you may not even recognize yourself. What is even on the other side? Forget even trying to explain it to your loved ones if you don’t fully understand what is happening. When all of the confusion melted away I knew that even if it felt uncomfortable, I had to cut away anything that didn’t feel like me anymore. It can be a heavy job and sometimes I need more than just some craft scissors. The one thing that has provided me solace is we all have an aspect of ourselves that is infinitely filled with wisdom, patience, compassion and love. Even though in our minds we may have no idea what will happen or what we will look like later on, our hearts allow us to find a home within ourselves.

with love, katie

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