My friend Camille* and I were discussing possibly going to a psychic or medium because she has always wanted to contact her grandmother after she passed. I said I would absolutely go with her but Camille was hesitant because she was unsure if she even “believed in that kind of stuff”. What is that “stuff”? Ghosts, the other side, psychics, mediums, ESP, past lives, parallel lives… anything supernatural.

I completely understood her hesitation. To be honest, you could probably go to six different psychics and they may all say different things about your past lives. So which one is right? Or are they all just f*cking with you to take your money?

Well what if “past lives” aren’t what we think they are? I don’t think you have to believe in reincarnation to benefit from learning about past lives. Anything approached with lightheartedness and curiosity is harmless as long as you don’t have any judgement surrounding it.

Let’s say you go to someone who specializes in past life regression and they told you that in the 1800s you were a French male artist. That could sound ludicrous if you get hung up on the words. If you don’t like the idea of past lives, the essence of the information could still be helpful, depending on what it means to you. I believe that is the key with any sort of “energetic” reading. You hold the power in that you ascribe meaning to the physical information presented to you. Maybe you feel you naturally have more masculine than feminine energy. Maybe you are a natural artist. Maybe you have always felt drawn towards art but you were unsure where it came from. Maybe you really like French bread. Maybe it’s none of these things and it runs deeper than that. If you were to describe France, what would it mean to you? Maybe France is serene, comfortable, romantic, beautiful and you feel you embody all of these things. Maybe you are drawn to the 1800s because of a specific history lesson you connected to. Maybe you define masculine energy totally differently. Perhaps it describes your relationship to Presence and that is a very important factor in your life.

All of these are “maybes” because I have no idea what those four key ideas mean to you. Readings can be tricky if you only look at them at the surface. It can be fun and interesting to dig deeper into the essence of the words. Maybe none of the essences you associate with these concepts are a part of you now and they could be in several years. As I said, you have the power to derive meaning from anything in your world. Even if that person is scamming you, there is still information there if you are willing to pay attention.

with love, katie

* name was changed

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