sweet dreams

Does anyone else pay attention to their dreams? I was always curious and would from time to time, if there was a recurring dream or some sort of pattern. For the most part, I wouldn’t look into it or even bother to remember. What would even be the point? Up until about several months ago, all I knew about dreams was from what I learned in my psych class: they are simply remnants of the day that were unable to be processed. So I figured I would just let them be and allow my brain to sift through whatever it didn’t get the chance to touch during waking hours.

That was until I started recording them. One of the reasons I never bothered to keep a consistent record of my dreams was because every time I woke up they would be broken, fuzzy, and I could only remember a couple of key points. By the time I got up to brush my teeth, they would have disappeared as if they never existed. I always wondered, how could I be such a vivid dreamer with dashes of lucid dreams and then not remember a thing if I even lifted my head from my pillow?

I’m pretty sure this part is the same for everyone: if you have any interest in getting to know your dreamscape, it has to be the first thing you do in the morning. I don’t believe recording dreams is just for those who “believe in that kind of stuff”. It has been very valuable in ways I couldn’t even predict.

For months when I wake up in the morning, the very first thing I do is audio record my dreams. For me, this is a much easier way to get in all of the details as they flood in. Besides, my handwriting is atrocious and the transcription makes this process a lot easier.

I’ll be honest, it’s not as if I decided to begin recording my dreams and my entire life began to make sense. Some of them were interesting stand alone stories, others were weird but made sense and then a lot were straight up bizarre and I wondered why I even bothered to record the details in the first place.

Those unusual dreams that didn’t seem to connect to anything outside in my life or even within themselves showed me the most because there was a pattern, inside and outside. The only way I would have known this was after continuing this practice for several months. One morning when I was recording a seemingly abstract dream and thought to myself, “Why do I even do this? Even as I’m saying the words out loud they don’t make any sense and they are a bunch of fragments that don’t seem to have a place”. That’s when I realized that they absolutely did.

Imagine you have a puzzle that is composed of one thousand pieces and that puzzle is a key to something else. The seemingly fragmented components of the dreams that didn’t seem to connect within their respective stories all came together to create one much larger puzzle. Now imagine that you are closer to solving the puzzle. Maybe you are unsure if you have all of the pieces or where they even go, but you can begin to see the larger picture a.k.a the key. Sometimes you don’t even need to complete the puzzle to take a guess as to what it may look like.

As I started to connect the different pieces and notice their messages corresponding to my life, I also noticed that my outlook had changed. What do I mean by that? I began the recordings of those particularly odd dreams with, “I had the weirdest dream last night” or “I just saw the strangest things”. Then I noticed that as time proceeded, I wasn’t having anymore “unconventional” dreams because I wasn’t treating them as such. What made them out of the ordinary in the first place was that they didn’t seem to add up in any way. As I reflected upon this a little more deeply, I realized that was the same lens I was using for my entire existence. Anything that didn’t add up I ignored or deemed weird and didn’t take a second look. I’ll be the first to admit that I loved it when my life seemed to fit a neat pattern. That is why I was so confused by my surreal dreams. It was only as I recorded them for what they were without judging them or interjecting with, “well that was unusual” that I found compassion and patience for everything inside and outside of the dreamscape.The content of my dreams was also revealing. Messy or neat they do connect. They aren’t a complete puzzle because I’m not done dreaming (in the most literal way possible). How do I know what they mean? If you have spent any time connecting to your dreams, you know when you know what they mean. I haven’t yet connected to any dream analysis websites or books. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t options but everything clicks together when I allow the meanings to come from myself, no matter how odd they may seem. For example, I had two more intimate dreams with people that I know here in this plane. At first it didn’t make any sense because they don’t know each other, they have almost nothing in common (except maybe the way they look), and there was no chance of that ever happening here. I believe that is the amazing part. So much happens in the dream world that would seem insane here but there there is only acceptance. Think about this: when you are completely asleep and the one observing your dreams (i.e. not including lucid dreams or where you are the “main character”), is there any judgement? Fear? Sadness? Excitement? Not really, you’re just the one watching. You don’t have a personal stake in the game because you know it isn’t you and you’re just there to observe. Imagine what that taught me about this world…

Back to the dream: I could have looked up on the internet what those dreams were and I don’t know if I would have found the connection between them. It was only when I played around with the gut feeling that they were linked somehow, beyond the two people it was surrounding looking similar. I questioned, what else do they have in common? That is where I found it. Long story short, on the surface they are such different people but on a much deeper level they mean a lot to me with regards to what they have reflected to me about myself. Once I shifted the angle to look at the essence of the people involved, everything clicked. I found much more significance when I knew that they were showing how I interacted with multidimensional aspects of myself. I’m not sure a book could have told me that.

Paying attention to your dreams isn’t just for a certain kind of person. Give it a shot or anything else that may seem like it’s not “for you”. All you may risk is seeing the world a different way than before.

with love, katie

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