Do you exist when you’re alone? If no one else saw what you were doing for an entire day, did you do any of those things? Silly questions right? Of course the answers are yes! If your friend went to work all day and didn’t tell you about it, you may not have observed it but they still could have been there. What about your thoughts, feelings and inner experiences? Do those exist even though no one else sees them?

I don’t believe any of us have the right to say whether something exists or not. Many are very convinced that some things are real and others… not so much… especially when they seemingly contradict one another. Aliens? Sure. Science? Absolutely. God? I believe so. Astrology? Why not? Angels? Sounds good to me. Spirits? Of course! The moon? I’ve never been there and I know there are plenty of conspiracies, but sure. Parallel universes, the North Pole, Narnia, Australia… you get the idea.

Consider everything in your day to day that no one sees. You know that’s real. Give the benefit of the doubt to something else you may have been skeptical of. Be surprised. Don’t worry about being “wrong”.

with love, katie

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