I can always tell something has shifted so greatly in my Being when I look at my blog and I went radio silent for a couple of months. I could say that amidst great transformation I lost my footing with how to express myself but I feel more like myself than ever.

Throughout the last couple months I have learned to articulate aspects of my soul that I wasn’t even able to see or perceive. With this deep connection the world has opened up to me in miraculous ways that are difficult to express with words. Nevertheless, I still enjoy creating space for everything I continue to see within myself.

The challenge I have created for myself (and maybe you will join me) is to explore and question the own depths of your soul. Your spirit holds so many mysteries. Have you every questions who you are outside all of this? I don’t mean for that question to sound so generic but you also hold so much untapped wisdom and love that can only come through you. So outside of everything you see and perceive, what are you? What does that mean to you? Step into the unknown and find out.

with love, katie

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