russian doll part two: infinite sky

part one:

Grounded perspective: In my first post I discussed the concept of “bettering yourself” and why sometimes than can lead to always looking forward to the “future version” of yourself and being dissatisfied with the “present version”. If nothing I say below makes sense, the main takeaway is that it is important to hold space for every version of yourself. The other idea I was thinking about was how every version of yourself has a different perception of the world. It may seem similar but every single day your perception has the ability to shift and thus your world shifts accordingly. Some perceptions/views of the world have served me in the past that wouldn’t serve me in the present. I used to get caught up with how I perceived the world at any given moment because I was concerned with whether I was living “my truth”. I thought that there was only one, distinct “truth” for me and I really wanted to know what it was. Now I am discovering that your “truth” is so fluid and you can give yourself permission to create something new/ write a new narrative in any given moment. Right now I am not concerned with how accurate my perception is of the world or whether it aligns with other people’s as much as I used to. Now I am more concerned with how it makes me feel and if I am living in alignment with my current perception. I have also been getting to know what perceptions feel genuine to me and holding space for all of them, even though they may seem radically different as I continue to experience more of the world.

Spiritual perspective: I received an interesting download the other day about when you identify/align with the ever changing Moment (The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a great book on the subject) you open yourself up to experiencing so many different quantum expressions, versions, perceptions, understandings/ experiences of Consciousness etc. (when I use these expressions, they are all the same thing). Up top I wrote about holding space for different perceptions/versions of yourself; now I am translating that to realizing you are the actual, physical space for all of these various perceptions/ understandings of Consciousness. (This is just one perspective I am engaging with right now.)

For anyone who may not be familiar with this concept, my take on it is that when you identify with the Moment, Present or Presence, you are a sacred Container that holds space for All That Is. For example, with a lot of mindful meditations you are aligning with the Present or Now, instead of the mind, because you are able to observe your mind. Imagine that you are meditating and you are observing your thoughts like clouds in the sky. From this metaphor, the quantum versions/perceptions/understandings of Consciousness are the clouds and “you” are the infinite sky. In every moment you have the opportunity to align with the Now and observe whatever quantum expression/perception you are currently experiencing. You can always hold space/be the space for a fluid and every-changing understanding of the multidimensional world.

with love, katie

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