One of the things I love to do on my birthday is pull tarot and oracle cards for the year. I pull one card for every month and another for the theme. This year I pulled the dragonfly for my birth-year-theme (Animal Spirit Deck by Kim Krans) and the dragonfly represents perception and the mind. According to Kim, the dragonfly is a reminder to calm the mind in order to receive wisdom. I figured that whenever I saw a dragonfly between my birthday and the next, I would remind myself to check in with my perception.

I was a bit skeptical when I pulled the card. Not because of the message but where would I be seeing dragonflies all year? I saw one immediately after I pulled the card and that was weird enough considering I rarely saw dragonflies where I lived. Not only that but it was August and fall was approaching and soon after winter. When would I even see dragonflies when it was snowing outside?

I had two encounters with dragonflies soon after my birthday that seemed coincidental but too much so to be completely meaningless. I didn’t see any for awhile, as I expected, until I moved to San Francisco. Within the first couple of days of being there, I saw more dragonflies within a couple of days than I had seen in a lifetime. One day I was at my Aunt’s house and we were sitting outside and talking when we noticed a swarm of dragonflies in her backyard. I asked her if this was normal for fall and she told me she had never seen anything like it. I still doubted this had anything to do with my card but didn’t think it was very weird due to the warm weather.

I came back to the east coast for the winter and forgot about the dragonflies because I was so used to seeing the, all throughout the fall. It wasn’t until I was out with a friend and we saw dragonflies all over a dress. I saw them again tattooed on someone’s ankle, all over a tea pot, and the list continues.

I have never been one to really believe in signs. However, at every turn that I doubted I would have a reason to see dragonflies, they found me. I saw them all at the perfect moments when I needed to check in with my perception. I saw more as I became open to it being more than a coincidence.

The Universe/Source/God is always open to communicating with you if you are open to receiving it. Some people receive it though intuition, claircognizance, clairvoyance, signs, smells, flashes of insight, divination or even dragonflies. Sometimes it can be more difficult to receive than we think because early on in the year, my mind immediately went to, “there’s no way I will see dragonflies all year, that’s not very likely”. There is nothing that is impossible. Messages can come in ways that are very unexpected. You don’t need to be clairaudient in order to perceive them. You just need to be open.

with unconditional love and space, katie

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