This post serves as more a gentle reminder than anything else. One of my favorite things to do is talk to my one of my closest friends Joseph*. Every week we talk for a minimum of six hours about what we have seen in the world lately, our every changing philosophies, God, etc.. Our conversations are so precious and expanding that I look forward to them every week and he is a Gemini (I mean that in the most lighthearted way because I do not have a deep foundation in astrology) so he enjoys them very much too.

Joseph and I could not be any more different. From everything to our theories about this world to some of our core values are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. The only thing we have really been able to agree upon is where to go out for dinner. This chasm is very present in our conversations because of the vast differences in our core beliefs. He believes in God in more of a traditional way, I believe in God as a constant Presence that is within all of us. He believes that we are bound by polarity, I do not. Past/parallel lives? I believe it right now, Joseph is skeptical. Joseph believes that there is “Truth” to the world i.e. his truth, my truth and God’s Truth (The Neutral Truth from an Objective Perspective) all exist. I believe there is no such thing as “truth” and that may not even be true (don’t overthink it, I have ideas that I believe in but they don’t need to be true and they are no more or less true than anyone else’s and are fluid). These beliefs trickle in whenever we talk about this human experience. What is true strength? Pretty different views. Abortion? Very different. Ford and Kavanaugh? Very different (more do to personal experience with this one). What are we doing here? Impossibly different. The current president? That one we find less polarizing….

We decided a long time ago that we don’t need to agree on everything or even anything in order to have these raw and inspiring conversations. I Love Joseph and for me that is more than the human experience of love but I see him. It can be hard to put into words but there is no reason that he doesn’t deserve to he honored and respected. That includes whatever he believes. If anything, I am the one who is “out there” and he respects me too. We know that just because our ideas about don’t align doesn’t mean that anyone’s theories mean more or threaten the other person’s. If they change after a conversation, that is great. If not, no worries. He has opened my mind to new possibilities that I may not have been able to experience otherwise in this body due to the fact that I don’t naturally think like him. Every time we talk I learn of a new possibility that opens up my mind and my heart.

I am writing this now because I was afraid for a long time to open up (since I was little) because I was worried more about how people would perceive, receive and judge me. However, I believe that we all receive the most aligned streams/understandings of consciousness when we are meant to. This will reach the appropriate people when it is meant to and that doesn’t mean they are meant to agree. Whether they have agreed or disagreed with whatever I have presented will show them something within themselves, kind of like a mirror. Every post is an invitation. Did you agree? Why is that? Disagree? Great! Why is that? It is less about the information for me than it is about providing a special lens/mirror for you to develop a deeper intimacy with yourself. Oh and I’m not talking about my writing, I am talking about everything you have or ever will read, everyone you have or ever will interact with and every experience you have ever had or will have in this lifetime (and many to come if you align with that). Everything is an invitation to me a mirror and sacred lens if you allow yourself to receive it. That is where the respect and openness comes in. It would be so hard for me to learn from Joseph if I was worried about his beliefs threatening mine and who was “right” vs. “wrong”. When I say “threaten” I mean that within the bounds of polarity, if Joseph and I have directly opposing beliefs then someone has to be “right” and someone has to be “wrong” because they can’t both be “right” or “wrong” at the same time if they are true opposites. I experienced that understanding for a long time. Polarity isn’t “bad”, it just wasn’t serving me and allowing me to grow in the ways that I desired. Our views can existence simultaneously. There is space to honor, love and respect both along with the billions of others our there. I love our conversations because they are this incredible safe space rooted in the mutual love and respect we have for one another.

This is an invitation to respect not only as you may read more posts I have written, because I understand that they can be different, but to anyone/anything you interact with. There is no reason we need to feel threatened anymore because there is nothing threatening about different beliefs. Joseph and I are still here and will talk later together. His thoughts don’t threaten my existence and mine don’t threaten his. There is space for everything to exist.

with unconditional love and space, katie

*name has been changed

4 thoughts on “respect

  1. As I like to say, it’s the mind (“left brain”) that’s stuck in Duality. The outside Universe is *Unitary and Multifarious* (or “Pluridimensional” as a friend puts it), and infinitely divisible. Bravo to Diversity and Tolerance. The definition of “Fundamentalist” is someone who Believes that their Metaphors are literally True – whether they’re a “Scientist” or a “Baptist.” And given how extraordinarily Limited our Five Senses are, **Everything** we Believe is a Metaphor. If we just consider our Vision, then the part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum that we know, measure, and use (X-Rays to Radio Waves) is more than *3 billion times* as long as the part of it that we can See with our Eyes, and the full Spectrum goes waaaay beyond that. We don’t really know how Smell works, but we know that a Dog or a Bear can Smell millions of times better than we can.

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    1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, especially as I have been exploring different understandings/ways to experience Consciousness. I like to think that we are all a vessel for possibly infinite multidimensional realities/interpretations of Energy if we are able to drop Judgment with regards to our own perceptions and those of “others”. I really like this comment because it captures exactly how I have been feeling about how we interpret the world, whether we believe our “truth” is the Truth and how subjective and fluid our reality is, which can leave so much room for innovation.


    1. I have also been thinking about this a lot recently and have been redefining “prayer” (possibly with creation and gratitude) for myself as my reality evolves. Thank you for the expansive ideas!


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