One of the coolest downloads I have received from meditation was the realization that each and every one of us embodies the full spectrum of humanity. I am not claiming to have discovered this concept at all. I have heard ideas that relate to it before, just not interpreted in the same way. To be honest, I believe that we are all connected. Your ideas are my ideas are the tree’s ideas because we are all One. Something that came to me in meditation this morning could have its own book out there with an author I have never met. Instead of thinking that we “own” certain ideas, I like to think that this is tangible proof of the magic that connects us all.

That was a small tangent. In my last post I spoke about holons very briefly. A holon is something that is whole in one context and then is also part of a larger whole simultaneously in another context. (There is a fantastic book “The Eye of the Spirit” by Ken Wilber if you want to know more about it. This post is more about my interpretation.) The way I have interpreted this concept of “holons” is that as higher dimensional beings (souls, Source, children of God, Love, aliens, etc. whatever you believe in is welcome) having a human experience, we are inherently whole. For example (to make this easier I am just going to go with the Source example), if we are all Source energy, there is no separation and we are all One, then we are Everything (or consequently Nothingness) and we are completely whole because we are all that Is. We are simply Being. However, in this human, third dimensional experience we don’t necessarily express everything at full capacity at the same time. That would be incredibly overwhelming. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that would look like. Instead we express different aspects of humanity at different levels and at different times. Right now I am expressing myself as a writer as I write this post and share it with you. At the same time, I couldn’t draw to save my life. The person reading this may be excellent at ceramics but hasn’t developed extraordinary painting skills. When I talk about the spectrum of humanity in more detail, I do mean things like someone who is expressing compassion, hatred, maturity etc. Any aspect of humanity or part of the human experience you could think of is what I am commenting on.

The amazing part is that we all have the potential to express what we want to at any given moment. If we all are Source, we are whole and can choose to express whatever qualities of humanity that we want to at another level. Imagine for every aspect of humanity you are somewhere on the spectrum. Since you are Source you have all of it within you, it just depends on how and at what capacity you want to manifest it physically. If we were to go back to the creative skills example, I may be higher in writing than I am in drawing. I enjoy writing and it is what I am drawn to. I could be great at both if I choose to and simply move my “drawing spectrum meter”. I can draw, the ability is within me because I am inherently whole and embody everything at some level. As I have gotten to know myself, I am higher on the “empathy spectrum”. It wasn’t always this way. My “emotional intelligence meter” has shifted through different points in time. You can and likely will express different levels of the human experience at different times. That is what makes the human experience so complex and interesting.

The world works beautifully this way. As holons we are whole within the concept that we are all Source and we are also parts of the whole in this third dimension. We have all heard the idea that we all have our strengths and weaknesses and are able to use these to share wonderful ideas with others. Together we fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It doesn’t have to be that as one piece your piece is more important than my piece or vice versa. I love this concept because it promotes this idea of teamwork. I believe in souls and that our souls are constantly learning and evolving. I came here with different soul gifts than you did (or maybe there is some overlap, but we are not entirely the same) which is wonderful because that means that on this physical plane we have the opportunity to learn from each other and share our gifts. I also love the idea that souls choose different aspects of humanity to express in past (or parallel, depending on your concept of time) lives.

When we were born, we could have been anything. There are so many brilliant philosophers who pondered over whether we were born good or evil and I am going to go with that we were born with a clean slate. Totally neutral. What began to shape us was whatever programming we received from our parents, friends, environment, etc. My mom would always say, “the only difference between you and I are the circumstances into which we were born”. I’ve always liked that because it reminds me that we were all born equally and are all Love. If I were born into the same circumstances and had the same programming as my friend, I would have been like her. Granted there is a lot of programming and subtleties that make her who she is. If I followed them all to a tee I would be her. My sister and I are so different and we had the same parents. We have had so many different experiences that it would be incredibly difficult for me to be her. However, I had the capacity to be either one of them just as they had the capacity to be me. We were born with the full spectrum within us. The entire rainbow. We could have been absolutely anything. We all have the capacity for everything within us and express it at different levels. That includes expressing: empathy, compassion, sympathy, love, lying, cheating, jealousy, evil, good, bad, immaturity, pride, anxiety, happiness, joy, the murderer, etc. I said “expressing” instead of “being” because you are Source. You are not one of these things. You are everything. Physically you may express a range of these expressions. That doesn’t mean you at your core are any one of these. I think this is important because it can be easy to get caught up in “I am this thing” versus “I expressed this thing”. Especially when you think that thing is “bad” then you may think “I am bad”. No you are not. You are Love. Everything is Love. If you are able to practice this with yourself then it is easy to do with others, or vice versa. When you are not ashamed of something within yourself, there is no reason for you to believe that others should feel ashamed. When you don’t judge something in someone else, there is no reason to judge it within yourself. Once you accept and love an aspect of humanity for yourself, the same happens for others. It’s the magic of Love.

Oh yes, I did say murderer. I included it because we all have the good, the bad, and the ugly within us (if you choose to see it that way, read my post on “polarity, objectivity, neutrality” for more on this) and that includes the murderer. At camp, I remember there was one kid who showed us all a trick where if you aligned the sun with glasses or a magnifying glass you could redirect the sun’s energy and burn things with it. I was six so I thought this was cool and would burn holes into leaves. Some kids would burn ants. I am no better than they are. There was a time where if I saw a spider in my room I would have killed it instead of setting it free. I am using this seemingly silly example because the kids from camp and I have “the murderer” within us. It is at an extremely low level but it is still there. We have whatever we deem to be the prettiest and ugliest parts of humanity within us (if you perceive the world from a dualist point of view aka a world of polarity, which is great, it is just one way of interpreting your reality). I have the liar, cheater, victim, abuser, addict, etc. in me because I am Whole. I may not express all of these right now in this lifetime because my soul chose to express different things this time around.

This concept of the full human spectrum or rainbow is important to me because once I integrated it, I realized there was no reason to judge anyone else. We are all One and because of this you and I are the same. If I look at you, I am looking at myself. It’s like a mirror. If there is something I love about you, then that is something I see in myself I love. If I judge something about you then there is something that is unlovable within myself. It is never about you, personally. You are only choosing to express certain things. At the core you are Love.

Whatever you may judge in someone else is all relative. None of these opportunities for human expression are inherently “good” or “bad”. Those polarities come from our environment and our personal perception. It’s the same as the concept “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Sure there may be some appearance of a consensus as to what beauty is. Deep down we all have our own definitions as to what we believe is genuinely attractive in another person. The same goes for judgement and shame. There are things my best friend has shame about that I couldn’t even fathom because we don’t have the same triggers and didn’t grow up in the same environment.

I’m not saying you need to be “healed” of all your trauma, shame, triggers, etc. tomorrow (I put “healed” quotation marks because they are all Love too, all of these traits and experiences have a place in our world. We learn so much from experiencing these aspects of life. Think about everything they have done for you. Could you imagine who you would be without them? The funny part is, that version of you would be perfect to, and you are perfect now the way you are with everything you have experienced.). This is just a reminder that we could have turned out entirely different with respect to the way we choose to express ourselves now. That different road could be very similar to someone you may have shown judgement towards. There is nothing to be ashamed about or to judge. You and I are every single part of humanity.

Now for the fun part: you and I are every single part of humanity! You can choose to express any color in the rainbow that you want! How cool is that?! It is as if you are in the worlds largest playground or shopping mall. You can try on anything and express anything you like. My friend Jospeh* has been telling me he wants to be more empathetic. It is as easy or as hard as you make it out to be. He is whole, he is Being or Unmanifested like anyone and everyone else. Sometimes when I talk about this I like the term Unmanifested because it implies that we are simply infinite possibilities. We have the potential to express any of the infinite possibilities that are out there. We are fluid beings. We can be whatever we want at any point because we all have the Unmanifested inside of us. That can change at any point. Sure I believe my soul came here with some sort of mission, but that could change if I choose to do so. If you want to make a change or express something else, you have that ability inside of you. You have Infinity inside of you. Imagine everything you have expressed physically in this lifetime and then think about everything you could have expressed in previous lifetimes, everything you are expressing in parallel lives and will express in lifetimes to come. Then imagine that for everyone else in every dimension and every possibility for Life. You, as Source, will have embodied the entire rainbow. It is a giant, infinite, mind-bending puzzle that is happening Now (if the “past”, “present” and “future” all collapse into the Now). You are Unmanifested, the full spectrum of humanity, all of the colors of the rainbow, whole, parts of the whole, Infinity.

with unconditional love, katie

* name was changed

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