the lovable formula

The past couple of months I have been doing a lot of solar plexus chakra work. Something I have never understood was what knowing your worth meant or having a high sense of self worth. I toyed around with a bunch of different definitions and ideas until I finally found something that resonated deeply within me.

Knowing your worth, having a high sense of self worth, being good enough and being more lovable are all the same thing, though the last one is what brought me to my “aha” moment. The reason some people have such low self worth is because of all of society’s conditioning. We are all born inherently worthy and lovable because we are love. We shouldn’t have to do anything in order to feel like we are good enough.

What happens is some people may think they are lacking in some areas and have to accomplish certain things to become whole. Some believe that because they did not go to college they are not enough. People believe that if they aren’t in a relationship then something must be wrong with them. A very common issue is that people believe if they don’t look a certain way then they are not beautiful and also not lovable. The list goes on and on because there are so many societal standards that we feel the need to conform to.

We have the right to be exactly who we are. We don’t have to justify or explain ourselves to someone else. The hardest part about learning this lesson involved my parents. My parents are very traditional when it comes to a career and as I have come to get to know myself I have realized I don’t want a traditional job or maybe even a traditional life! But their expectations for me to live a certain life made me feel less than, not worthy and not lovable because in the back of my mind I believed that if I didn’t live up to their expectations then they wouldn’t love me or see me as worthy.

If you have low self worth in one area of your life it can seep into other areas. There was a time when I was with a man and I didn’t have much experience in relationships. There were so many complex dynamics and emotions involved and even though he wasn’t for me it was a wonderful learning experience. He did not treat me well and one day I woke up and realized a) I am worth so much more than that and b) there were other areas in my life where this low self worth was affecting me. This is what initialized this huge transformation to take a deeper look within, more than I ever had before, and heal myself.

I also had a huge imbalance in masculine and feminine energy. I have been working with this, but a part of me still felt uncomfortable with simply receiving. I love giving and don’t mind giving without ever receiving in return. However, having a balance between masculine and feminine energy is important. Thus is being able to receive the loving energy someone provides with love. We are conditioned to believe that if someone does something for us then something must be provided in return. It’s like that uncomfortable feeling you get when someone gives you a compliment and you feel obligated to give one back. You are lovable and are deserving of any loving energy.

You are worth everything you want in life. Partners, money, career, travel, items… anything and everything. We all deserve to be happy, however we define that for ourselves. No matter who you are or whatever your circumstances, there is nothing that makes you less lovable. You are good enough the way you are. You do not need to do anything or conform to society in any way in order to receive more love.

with love, katie

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