did someone read my journal?

Have you ever had a thought or written something down that you believed was original and then you hear the exact same thing somewhere else from someone you have never met? That happened to me the other day. I was listening to a podcast (if you have previous posts then you know I love a good podcast) and the host was talking about his view of love. He was saying how he has been in situations where he has realized with partners that they are not in a good, mature place to create a loving relationship. He wants relationships that are supportive and nurturing, allowing them to bring more love into the world and stay in that field of love. He also said something about realizing that breaking up doesn’t mean that the door was closed and that maybe one day when they are able to hold that space for one another they will come back to each other. This seems like a reasonable idea and maybe not that original but what I found so weird was I wrote nearly the EXACT same thing in my journal the other day. This thought first came to me when my boyfriend and I broke up. I had never heard this concept explained to me in this way before from any other person. It has only ever come to me in my head when I was freaking out about breaking up with him. I just heard it and calmed down. But let me emphasize: I have never heard this point of view on relationships before. Especially not in the same wording. It was weird to hear someone say what I had been thinking for months when I had never told anyone else these thoughts and I hadn’t really heard him speak before.

I definitely look up to this person who was on the podcast. He has some wonderful thoughts on life. What I think I like so much about him is that I have come to find so many things I have written about in my journal he verbalizes so well. It is like we share a brain and I have never heard someone who thinks so much like I do. Don’t get me wrong there are some differences but I thought my views were so unique to me (they are because I am unique) that no one else would have these.

I am sharing this because so many of us have teachers that we look up to. There was a while where I thought it would be impossible to be as wise as my teachers are. So many of them have so much experience in what they do and for awhile it was so overwhelming. How could I ever catch up?

It was in this moment when I realized there is no need to catch up. If this wise, infinitely intelligent man and I can share some of the same thoughts then in a way it shows me that I am way more wise than I ever thought I was. It is not impossible. To be honest the difference between me and him awhile ago was his confidence and the ability for him to step into his power. He knows who he is. I am relatively young so no one necessarily expects me to know exactly who I am right now.

The point to this is that we are all wiser than we think. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for the talents and gifts that we do have. We always compare ourselves to other people and those that teach us, thinking that we could never be as good as them. We are enough as we are. The trick is just realizing that we are intrinsically perfect and don’t need to do anything else to make ourselves more worthy.

with love, katie

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