the intuitive way of living

*** Originally the name of this post was “the intuitive diet” but I didn’t want anyone to think I had cracked some new way of dieting or was trying to sell them some new kind of wellness plan ;). By the way, you may agree or disagree with me on what I have written here about all the different kinds of ways of eating but know that no matter what: I respect you and honor the light within you because you are a being of love and you are here. Let’s get started!

Health has always been very important to me. I was very active especially in high school and college. I still exercise often now, though my routine has changed, but I have learned so much about what makes me feel good and what my body needs.

If you’re like me in this regard then you may not be able to help but notice all of this information about dieting, exercise, and wellness with people telling you what you should do. This post is going to be short because it has a simple point: no one knows you better than yourself. There is no one way of living, what works best for you is your way of living. I have been on the diet I inherited from my parents, a vegan, a vegetarian and now I am mostly a vegetarian because most of my diet comprises of vegetables but I do not constrict myself to any labels. I would also have a lot of vegetarians who would tell me I am not a real vegetarian… I am not :). For instance, I love fish and it it doesn’t affect my body in a negative way but red meat can have that effect. So I don’t eat red meat. But I am not a vegetarian and to be honest labels create all of this division and complexity but that is another post. There are so many complex arguments as to what diets you should be on relating to your body, the environment, animal rights, and I’m sure the list goes on. I don’t eat a lot of fish but I also don’t feel massively guilty about it because I make sure I know where it comes from. I do believe that you vote with your dollar and every purchase you make counts.

This is all up to you and there is a healthy balance with making change in the world, protecting animals and their rights, fighting for what you believe in AND respecting what others believe in. To me that is the most important part. You may agree or disagree with me but I honor the light within you because you are a being of love.

I love making decisions based on intuition and feeling. I worked a farm with a lot of cows and that personal connection with the animals was why I was vegan at the time and I don’t eat red meat. There were also chickens on the farm and learning about allow their energies, personalities and seeing how much love they radiated made eating chicken off the table. But it all depends on you and how you feel. Use your experiences to create your life.

Your body also changes. Being vegan worked for me one minute and the next it didn’t. You need to tune in with yourself to figure out what you need at any given moment. Parts of your life and your practices will evolve. Don’t let someone else prescribe your life for you. If you are an environmentalist and into biohacking that’s fantastic too! We have so much to learn from you! I intend on learning even more about animals rights, better alternatives and I have a long way to go. This is for the people who find all of this information so overwhelming and need to find somewhere simple to start. Listen to yourself. Take care of yourself for yourself. Find what is right for you. Know that no matter what you choose, you are always loved.

with love, katie

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