the trees see us

I heard something beautiful today when I was listening to Luke Storey’s podcast. His guest was Shaman Durek and within the first couple of minutes he said something along the lines of (I am paraphrasing), “people don’t realize it but, the trees see them”. I am unsure why but that was just beautiful to me. It reminded me that we are connected to everything on the Earth and beyond. By the way if you have never heard of Shaman Durek or heard him speak, I highly recommend this podcast episode and any others. He has such a way with speaking and hearing about his near death experience, or in his words he did die and then came back to life, was nothing other than magic and it helped me make so much sense of our world.

Hearing this idea that the trees see us just reminded me that in a world where we all feel like we are so alone and no one cares or there is not enough love to go around that we are never alone and we are made of love. This summer I have had the wonderful opportunity to take the time to slow down, do some inner work and in slowing down I have noticed things about the world that I have never noticed before. I drive the same route on the highway to get from my dad’s house to my mom’s house nearly every day and one day I was stopped in some awful traffic. But it was the first time I noticed the gorgeous wildflowers along the highway. I was stopped for awhile so I really got a good look at them. It may seem as if Shaman Durek’s words and the wildflowers are unconnected. Both of them have shown me that the world is far more intricate and vastly more infinite than I could ever comprehend. We ignore so much about the beautiful earth, like the trees and wildflowers, and don’t realize how much intelligence lies within them. I want to make more of a conscious effort to slow down, notice more about my surroundings and learn things about the earth (like trees having souls) that cannot be seen. Just because it cannot be seen or isn’t tangible doesn’t mean it is not there.

You are seen by everything. You are loved by everything. Not just people. I don’t know much about shamanism but I love the idea that everything is living and has a soul.

with love, katie

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