balancing your chakras

When I was very early into my spiritual journey, I had no concept of what it meant to balance your chakras and why it was important. To be very clear, this is my own intuitive understanding of what it means to balance your chakras from my own experience. When I first learned about the chakras I noticed that I didn’t have a great connection with my intuition so naturally I gravitated towards working with my upper chakras. There was a time when I thought that the upper chakras were far more important, partly because I felt I could had no connection with something greater than myself and that is what I was searching for and that seemed like what everyone was after. I worked a lot with my upper chakras and I did gain a greater connection with myself and my intuition. Sound great right? At the time I was in my junior year of university and I remember sitting in class, wondering why I was there when everything about the third dime skin and Earth seemed to be an illusion anyway. Essentially, if we were just here having a third dimensional experience and we were going to have more lives (or whatever you believe in) what was the point to anything? I was some sort of divine feminine soup with my thoughts all day and got nothing done.

It wasn’t until later I found my own balance and realized interacting with the physical world is so important in order to help our souls evolve and grow. Remembering I am Source energy allows me to reconnect to my purpose when I feel lost. Remembering I am here to help my soul evolve and grow allows me to enjoy the third dimension and all it has to offer without thinking there is no reason to be here.

with love, katie

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