I am in love with nature. I feel most at peace whenever I am on a hike or in a garden. I find it easiest to meditate and get in touch with myself in these places. But it wasn’t until recently when I realized that I feel the most like myself in nature because I am spending time with myself.

This largely has to do with my fundamental beliefs that we are all one energy. Whether you want to call it Spirit, Source (I usually call it Source), the Universe, God, I respect all of them. Earlier when I was deep in meditation I could feel that I was one with the Earth. If that is true and we are all the same energy, then I am the flowers, trees, grass, mountains, deserts, skies, stars… I have heard this before and understood it but I have been working on feeling it more. I felt whenever I saw a flower that I was looking at myself in my purest form, untouched and not programmed by society or man. I could see in the flowers (I was in a garden at this time) this potential to be free, knowing that I am Source. Then I saw a new way to see everyone else I have met and will meet, as their highest selves. I am working on seeing everyone with infinite potential, perfection, beauty and without judgement, just as I see nature.

Being in nature takes me back to my roots and reminds me that I am Source, my neighbors are, my teachers, everyone I have ever met from all walks of life, and anything else I have ever seen. We are all Source and are all beautiful and as perfect as nature. No one looks at a flower and says, ‘the petals are pretty but the stem is ugly so I am going to shame it’. So if we are all the same energy as perfect nature, how could we be any less perfect than nature? Then why do we judge others? Why do we shame others? There is no reason to. This realization is helping me to see everyone as Source and with love and treat them with the same wonder as I have for the flowers.

with love, katie

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