co-creating with every being

One of the most beautiful moments in my life was realizing that we are all co-creating our realities with every being on this planet. Every person is your teacher and is here to expand you and help your soul evolve. I remember as I realized this, it actually changed my life. I started viewing people differently. I started seeing the beauty in every being. Even when I interacted with people with whom I was ‘in conflict’ with I was able to see the beauty in the situation and what they were able to teach me. It definitely allowed me to live from my heart instead of living from fear.

Once I realized that we are all co-creating together in every moment it is like the universe made sense and everything came together in my head. I felt infinitely connected and like I was one with the world. For me to feel at peace one of the important components is to feel connected. Whenever I am feeling any sort of way about the situation I remind myself of this idea and an overwhelming sense of peace fills my heart and my body. With this no one is your enemy. Everyone becomes someones you love because you know that whatever they are doing their soul wants to co-create some sort of lesson with you to help you. We generate patterns of energy that attract certain people with other patterns of energy that act as our mirror or our teacher. This concept of a mirror has been especially helpful to me because it has helped me realized everything I have loved or been in resistance to with someone else has to do with me and me only. It is never about the other person, just like if someone loves or hates something about you, it is never about you it has to do with what they need to learn and accept about themselves. When we grow to love ourselves we grow to love others without condition. This is because we are all Source (spirit, love, Mother Earth, God etc.) so to love one person is to love ourselves and to love ourselves unconditionally and accept ourselves is to love everyone else. It is as if under all of this third dimensional smoke and illusion of separateness there is love and connection.

Bottom line: everyone here is here to help you. You are also here to help them. I have had some incredibly difficult things happen to me by other people. But without those things I would not be the empowered, confident woman I am today. I have had people tell me about the changes I have helped to inspire in them. This has also helped me to realize every single thing I do impacts the world because you impact someone who inspires change in someone else who effects someone and so on and so forth. Our souls are always evolve with one another. We are not separate. We are one universal love which is why no one deserves anything else less than to be loved without condition for simply being.

with love, katie

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