resistance vs. acceptance

There are so many theories about what causes suffering in the world. I have read a countless amount of spiritual books and different ways of thinking resonate with me at different times. I read this Facebook post by someone last night and it really resonated with me and it was amazing because I had heard this idea before but the way this person explained it it was like my entire life at the moment made sense.

I am definitely going through a transformation right now and they can be uncomfortable but I can already see how this is a rewarding experience. Something I have been working on within myself is being within the Universal flow and not resisting so much. So much of my pain comes from resisting a lot of things. It could be anything. Body image issues, not having a job at the same time as anyone else… it seems so hard in the moment because it is engrained in us to be averse to certain things and then accepting of others.

When you are a child you feel so free because you aren’t in resistance to anything. You are in love with the world and then soon after you are taught that you should like and dislike certain things, situations, people, emotions and that can cause so much pain. As I am learning to accept things I feel way more empowered and like those things don’t own me. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is about having control over everything (also working on this!) but whether those things have power over you. There is nothing that can have power over you unless you let it.

Resistance is fear-based. Acceptance is love-based. When I am in resistance to something, I am definitely living out of fear, stress, all of it. But when there is one hundred percent, full, loving acceptance then you begin to live from your heart center. It allows for growth, expansion, and the power to create and change your situation however you like. For me feeling empowered is feeling creative, not living out of fear and feeling connected to the Universe (could be God, Source, Spirit, Mother Earth, whatever you like).

When I started meditating on this, letting anything that I have been in resistance to pop up and then working on integrating it and accepting it, I felt so incredibly free. Sometimes it is hard to put these kinds of things into words because it is really a feeling that takes over my entire body. I can feel love and the fear just disappears. I have accepted that whatever I am experiencing is part of the wonderful human experience that we are so lucky to be a part of. Every emotion whether it is happiness, sadness, jealousy, anger, whatever… we are fortunate to be here and experience all of it. For me this line of thinking makes it simpler to accept all aspects of life and to stop living out of fear. There is a misconception that we are meant to be happy all of them time. Or if we feel sadness then we have judgments around it or look for some justification e.g. “I am sad because my friend did this…” or that line of thinking. But judgement, resistance, and this justification for our feelings doesn’t allow us to experience them fully and then we are only living in part of the spectrum.  So many of us live out of ‘fight or flight’ mode every day, living out of fear. We are in the perfect place for ourselves right now to experience maximum growth. There is no reason to be afraid or to resist. Would you grow as much as you have if you were only one emotion (e.g. happy) all the time? I personally don’t think I would. Every moment is an opportunity to experience love instead. Love for the moment, love for whatever we are experiencing (every emotion, person, etc.) and not in fear because we think things should be another way. We just have to choose it. Drop the judgments of where you think you should be and trust that this moment is perfect for you. This has allowed me to love my life and my present.

with love, katie

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