healing yourself before healing the world

**** Note 10/3/18: I have recently realized that I use the world “healing” a bit differently than some people do, so I wanted to clarify what that word means to me. The reason I am making this clarification is because sometimes “healing” can imply that there is something wrong with you or there is something or some part of you that needs to “go away” or shouldn’t be accepted. When I say “healing”, I mean loving yourself, truly love and accepting every single part of your Being and recognizing that you are already whole. You are perfect as you are. If you want to embody something else or a different frequency, great. You cannot go wrong because whatever you choose is Love, whatever you embody is Love, etc. We all embody the full human spectrum and all of it is Love. There is nothing that you embody that should be surrounded by shame, guilt, etc. because you are Love.

Something that I noticed about myself is how much I enjoy healing myself. I have been lucky to have had so many amazing teachers (e.g. Amberleigh Carter and Lacy Phillips) that have provided me with so much insight about my soul that the process has been so rewarding. If there is something that comes into my field that relates to raising myself to a higher vibration, realizing I am Source at my core, and getting to know myself, I am instantly drawn to it and I know why I co created that experience with the universe.

One of the reasons I love healing myself so much is that when you heal yourself and integrate your own shadows, you are becoming more loving and accepting of yourself which allows you to love and accept others without conditions. Something I have been working on within myself is dropping all judgements of myself, embracing unconditional love being able to drop judgements of others and loving them without any conditions. When I am able to love myself without any conditions and drop expectations it is easy to do so for others.

I have been reminded lately that whatever you work on within yourself effects the world. I love holding a non judgmental, healing, limitless space for everyone. But I can tell when I am feeling amazing and in my power and how that becomes much easier versus when I am not. For instance, when I discover one of my shadows and it is owning me instead of me owning it, I doubt myself and it becomes much harder to help anyone else along their personal journey. By the way, that shadow is Love as well. There was just a time when I didn’t acknowledge it as such. Once I accept that it is yet another beautiful part of myself and own it, I feel unstoppable. Healing yourself and continuing working on yourself is so important because that allows you to heal others and the world. By taking the time for yourself and healing yourself, that is one more person in the world that is healed and then can help other people. I don’t think there is ever a time when there is no more work to be done but being healthy enough to help other people has always been important to me.

Loving and accepting all parts yourself first is so important. This is so cheesy but everyone and every part of their Being is so beautiful and deserves nothing less than to be loved by everyone else. I feel so amazing and so aligned every time I heal, accept and love myself and in that vibrational state I am able to help others.

with love, katie

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